The resources here are intended for your use as guides to develop your own OH&S management system. For information related the the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) and associated regulations refer to our information page.

WorkSafe New Zealand

As the regulator for OH&S in New Zealand WorkSafe NZ have a commitment to ensure we reduce our workplace fatalities, injuries and disease. Part of this commitment is to educate and provide information and resources. There are numerous templates and guides so visit there site often. If you haven't done so already to their newsletter for regular updates.

Tourism New Zealand Shared Site

A Tourism New Zealand shared work space has been developed for the Tourism New Zealand Trade, Businesses Events, IMP, Premium and IMP teams, and Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs). This allows shared access to key documents i.e. Risk Assessment and Safety Plans, which are now required in order to jointly undertake familiarisations, and assist compliance with the current Health & Safety legislation requirements.

To request access to the shared work space contact either:

IMP Famils: Jo Mackie -

Business Events & Premium Famils: Anna Fennessy -

Trade Famils: Paul Trowell -

For Trade, Businesses Events, IMP and Premium famils the Tourism New Zealand famil coordinator will contact the RTO and supply a link when the Risk Assessment and Safety Plan is ready for editing. This file can be found in the directory. Tourism New Zealand will lock this file one week pre famil departure date so please make sure you complete your section of the Risk Assessment and Safety Plan prior to the cut-off date.

lane neave - legal determination on RTO's undertaking famils.
Clarification on the health and safety responsibilities of Regional Tourism Organisations when undertaking famils (Dated 21 December 2015)

Lane Neave - RTO responsibilty determination 211215.pdf 870.4KB

Making a Familiarisation Happen for RTO's

Making a famil happen for RTOs (V2) 160316.docx 927.0KB

Sample Policies (Tourism New Zealand)

FAQ - Famil Risk Assessment Process - Issue date - 2016 04 5.pdf 1.6MB

TNZ Great Hosting Policy Dec2015.pdf 1.1MB

TNZ Risk Assessment & Safety Plan 240216.pdf 1.8MB

TNZ Safe Driving and Motor Vehicle Policy Dec2015.pdf 860.9KB

Participant Information Form doc.docx 21.4KB

Sample Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy - Wairarapa.docx 19.3KB

Health and Safety Policy - CCT.docx 482.3KB

Sample Risk Assessment and Safety Plan

Risk Assessment and Safety Plan.doc 170.5KB

Sample Accident and Incident Report

Accident and Incident form.doc 315.0KB

Sample WorkSafe NZ Templates

These templates are recommended as reference tools for developing your own systems. Please refer to the WorkSafe NZ website for up-to-date information.

first-aid-register-template - Worksafe.pdf 36.5KB

hazard-first-aid-assessment-register - Worksafe.pdf 34.8KB

hazard-id - Worksafe.pdf 36.5KB

Sample Contractor and other PCBU Register

Contractor and other PCBU register - Wairarapa.xlsx 10.3KB